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Why Carry with Us

Becoming a Carrier with us, is becoming a partner with us. Your goals become our goals and we believe true partnerships can achieve great things together.

“Our partnership with Transcend Logistics has been mutually beneficial.  They have provided us with quality loads, excellent communication, and quick payment.” – Sid Mahant, CEO – Mahant Transportation

Why Haul with Us?

Reliable Source of Loads

We work with one of the largest shipping companies in the world, which allows us consistent access to freight throughout the year. Additionally, we utilize select load boards to optimize transit routes.

Timely Payment

On-time payment is critical, as we know the importance of keeping your drivers happy and your business thriving. We have verifiable credit scores and references to assure that timely payments are what can be expected when we do business together.

Core Values

The principles that guide the way we operate our organization are key to our success.  Integrity, customer service, communication, teamwork, and continuous improvement all direct our decision-making processes.  This framework keeps us stable yet nimble to be high achieving in an ever-evolving industry.

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